Here's how it should have gone

Octavius: You're a man now; take what you want.
Octavian: This isn't what I want! I'm not exactly, uh... seduced by the ways of women. What I want is for you and mother to leave me alone. I was totally gonna fuxxor that slave guy you just sent out, you bitch.

He kinda lost character a bit, but I think it suits him.
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The only thing that's keeping me with LiveJournal now is the community... Wordpress 2.5 fixed all the issues I had with Wordpress. Being able to run my own journal completely, 100% unrestricted is just so inviting... And I don't have to put up with all this LJ policy drama, nor pay for the luxury of not seeing adverts.
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I should probably go to sleep; I've nothing to do and I was hoping to actually get up in the morning whilst it's still morning. But, I don't want to :( I'm not tired or anything.


I have Ghosts 1 through 12. People keep saying that 1 through 4 were released free. Did I download illegally, thinking that it was legal? Holey mens rea confusion, Batman.

Speaking of which (I dat sum tangent?), I need to start revision more. I have around six exams. I say that, you I hear you all moan "I have far more". And maybe! I imagine Nik and Hannah and Vanita (repitive use of "and" implies a lot. GCSE English flash back. I think Great Expectations) have a lot more, but you guys are smart. I'm not exactly academically challenged, but I really don't have the enthusiasm for education that I used to and so can't be arsed to revise.

So really, my 6 exams are far more than your 12, quit your complaining.

Stonewall are made of win. "Some people are gay; get over it" has totally become a social meme at college. I can't use it though, because the humour is lost when I gay says it, and it sounds like a moral campaign.

I spent like an hour today writing up steps to install Wordpress on Debian CLI, before finding out that Debian has a package for it. Two things: argh, why didn't you people tell me this? An hour wasted! Second, Debian is awesome <3 I need to find a userpic to express my love.

I really want to install it as my OS. But I need to use Office 07, and my OEM Windows apparently can't be installed on a virtual machine. Monolpic (I just made that up.) licensing much?

Tomorrow, I'm gonna go see Connexions about working next year. Then I'm heading to the library, with sandwiches (I think I'll just get Subway actually). Nomnomnom.
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This makes me happy. (Hannah, don't click. Men in masks.)

Seaneen: "Why are you filming us?"

Police Officer: "To show everyone what a peaceful protest you are."

Me: "Of course we're peaceful! We've got sweets!"

I wish I could have gone.

What else was I going to talk about... Oh yeah. I'm learning C++. How bad is the online documentation? Meh. I decided to install on my server, because apt-get install g++ is much easier than all the stupid stuff for Windows. No idea how to make *that* work.

Been watching Hollyoaks. Anyone else doing A2 Law? If Nancy had left Jake in the car, and he had died, would she be liable for homicide? It could be said that she had the mens rea for murder, but I can't decide on the actus reus. It's an omission that she didn't get him out, and I can't remember if you can be liable for murder for an omission. However! It could come under gross negligence, which would be involuntary manslaughter... I'll think about it.
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It's been about a month since I start my Debian blog, and I already have 16 subscribers! Though, that's probably around 13 in true figures. But still. 13 people read my stuff! xD

(This is where you should be happy for me.)

Also, some people are still using, which doesn't matter if you are: you'll get redirected to the correct place, but it'll be faster for you if you update your bookmarks to the new URL:

It feels totally weird typing a .com address, I've never had one before. xD

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shamess@trinity:~$ mail
No mail for shamess

I know it's saying "no mail for the user, shamess", but I like thinking it's saying "No mail for shamess!" like a mother does to her child that's been naughty.

Oh, I'm weird. :(

"He's getting out another rule book."

Meh. I'm a little disappoint by Panic's new song. I think they should have broken up whilst they still were good.

In other news, Shane's a happy bunny. xD There's not a reason why, really. He just is. Life seems to be good.

For a none religious person, my heart keeps saying stuff like "the gods totally planned for it to happen this way." Like, when I was on the bus today thinking about being happy, I remembered a few weeks ago being really upset. Now I'm happy. People who are depressed really just have to wait till something better happens, because it will generally.

StumbleUpon traffic is good traffic, btw. Only a 25% bounce rate.
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