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This makes me happy. (Hannah, don't click. Men in masks.)

Seaneen: "Why are you filming us?"

Police Officer: "To show everyone what a peaceful protest you are."

Me: "Of course we're peaceful! We've got sweets!"

I wish I could have gone.

What else was I going to talk about... Oh yeah. I'm learning C++. How bad is the online documentation? Meh. I decided to install on my server, because apt-get install g++ is much easier than all the stupid stuff for Windows. No idea how to make *that* work.

Been watching Hollyoaks. Anyone else doing A2 Law? If Nancy had left Jake in the car, and he had died, would she be liable for homicide? It could be said that she had the mens rea for murder, but I can't decide on the actus reus. It's an omission that she didn't get him out, and I can't remember if you can be liable for murder for an omission. However! It could come under gross negligence, which would be involuntary manslaughter... I'll think about it.